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Growing up as a child in Wilson during the 50's & 60's was full of wonderful adventures. We especially enjoyed life around the harbor, while my dad was developing "Clark Island" into a first class marina. We had a great time fishing, catching frogs, turtles, and crayfish and just enjoying nature at it’s best. Sure, Lake Ontario is beautiful and boating is great fun for many, but my favorite boat rides were what I called "jungle cruises" down the 12 mile creek – east and west wings. It’s like being in another world – birds singing, turtles sunning themselves and everywhere so green and so peaceful . It’s serenity at it's finest, with no boat motors, just gliding through the waterways, it is just perfect! The radiant, colorful sunsets over the lake are a plus. I hope you all can enjoy the experience as much as I do… Thanks for coming.      - Diane

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Come Explore Wilson Harbor and its Tributaries
by Kayak or Paddle Board

12 mile creek Twelve Mile Creek Western Branch

Wilson, New York is the first Harbor Town on Lake Ontario east of the Niagara River. Its harbor is fed by the Twelve Mile Creek's two branches.

Essentially we offer two adventures. The shorter Twelve Mile Creek's Eastern Branch which includes Wilson Harbor passing Sunset Island and its lovely summer homes, Tuscarora Park and the creek itself.

Then there is the Twelve Mile Creek's Western Branch. For this you have to head out into the lake, turn west for a short distance and back into where the Twelve Mile Creek's main branch meets the Lake. See picture below. This journey can be for any length of time depending how far up the creek you decide to go. And dont forget to allow time for Wilson's spectacular sunsets when returning to base, especially when Toronto skyline is shimmering at the lakes horizon on clear evenings.

Some trivia. 1.) The Western Branch that now empties into Lake Ontario once flowed into Wilson Harbor directly, until it broke through due to heavy flooding back in the day. Oh, it is stocked with 15,000 steelhead (Trout) yearlings annually.
2.) A numbers associated a creek's name has nothing to do with the length of the creek but rather the it's distance from the Niagara River (separating the U.S. and Canada).

Either way get ready for a unique wilderness kayak or paddle board experience. Just relax, turn off your iphone and tune in the birds while watching the reflections of clouds and trees in the water. And dont forget about those Wilson sunsets.

Then why not top off your evening by considering dinner at the Sunset Grill, just a short walking distance away from CPZ.

welve Mile Creek meets Lake. Where Twelve Mile Creek meets Lake Ontario

OPEN   8 AM - 8 PM,   Closed Wednesday
Sunday Noon - 8 PM

The Clark Paddle Zone is a purveyor of rental One and Two Person Kayaks and Paddle Boards.
We are located at 2 Shore Dr. Wilson, NY 14172, right on the water on Wilson Harbor facing Sunset Islannd. Our Phone number is

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Two Man Kayak

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  1/2 day (6 hrs)




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Home Base)



Pricing includes paddle & pfds (2 for 2 man kayak), area map and rules of the road.
Taxes & fees are not included in figures above.
Weekly rentals require equipment be kept at our Marina over night.
Require signed liability waiver form  once here.

Sunset Toronto in distance
Toronto in the distance